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Full text of "Minutes of the County-line [i.e., Country-line] Baptist Association : begun and held at Lickfork Meeting House, Rockingham Co., N.C., on the 20th, 21st and 22nd days of August, 1842."

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on ihe 21*/ and ^^nd days of August, 1842. 



Lynches' Cieek, 
County Lincj 
Arbour, ' ' " 
i)eep Creek, 
Lick Fork, 
Moon's Creek, 
Pleasant Grove, 
T\'oolf Island, 

C Willis Wells, 
^ Rob't Browning,* 
( RicHAiiD Hensley, 

JZadock Rice, 
James Workman, 
Gabriel Fin.* 

{Robert Madding, 
Goodwin Evans, 
Benjamin Willis, 

{John Stadler, 
James W^ilder, 
Hosea McNeil, 

SFedeiick Wiatt, 
Stephen Benson, 
David Perkins, 
/ B. F. Morton, 

< John Brooks, 

\ L. W . Simpson, 
C Josiah Warmack 

< Mastin Harris, 
( Richard Jones, 
} Thos. S. Travis. 

< Johnson E. Adkerson 
I Joseph T. Ware, 

Lewis Barten, 
ZiBA Rice, 
Pharoah Summers, 
C H. Moore, 

< Rob't Shreeves, 

( Samuel li. Walker. 





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1 50 



1 35 




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2 oft 





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24 20 2 16 27 21 1232 21 35 

4. Elder John Stadler chosen Moderator. 

5. Corresponding brethren, from sister associations, invited to seats-— 
•whereupon Elder Artha Eans, Joseph Eans, and C. H. Weatherford from 
Pis: River; Prior Reynolds, G. W. McNeely, and Duke Price, from Mayo ; 
William Welch, from Abott's Creek, Union ; George Nance, from Little 
River; Wm. Hyman, Blunt Cooper, Richard Harrison, ond James S. Battle, 
fiom Kehukee; and Parham Pucket, from White Oak, took seats. Receiv- 
ed a file of Minutes from Contentnea, but no messengers. Received a file 
of Minutes from Staunton River Association, requesting correspondence, 
■which was granted. Brethren in the Ministry, present, were invited to 
seats — whereupon Nath'l Norwood, Hezekiah Smith, and James D. Chand- 
ler, accepted the invitation. 

6. Agreed, that brethren Nath'l Torian, Wm. Hyman, Ertha W. Eans, 
together with the Moderator and Clerk, be appointed a Committee of Ar- 

7. Agreed, That brethren Gaodwin Evans and James D. Chandler, with 
the Clerk, be appointed a Committee of Finance. 

8 Chose bv ballot to preach to morrow, Lord's day, Eider A. W. Eans, 
Hyman and Pucket ; and Nance, Cooper and Burns, on Monday. 

9. Circular letter called for — when brother Bracken failed to prepare one 

— Elder J. D. Chandler presented one, which was read and adopted, and 
ordered to be annexed to these Minutes. 

10. Adjourned until Monday, 9 o'clock. Prayer by Elder Stadler. 

11. Sunday Morning, ^Ist — Met a large and respectable congregation, 
who were entertained by the following brethren : Elder Hyman opened the 
services of the day, frotn ii.Timo. ii. c. xv. verse — " Study to show thyself 
approved unto God," &c. — Elder Eans lollowed, " Romans, vi. c., xxi. v. 

I — " But now being made free from sin," &c. Elder Pucket followed, from 
. the 42 ch. and latter clause of the 11 v. of Isa , " Let the inhabitants of 
the Rock sing,'' &.c. Elder Stadler closed the services of the day by sing* 
ing and prayer. 

12. Monday, ^^nd, 9 o'clock. — Met according to adjournment. Prayer by 
Elder Stadler. Messengers' names were called. Rules of Decorum read 
—and proceeded to business. 

13. Committee of Arrangements made their Report, and were discharged. 

14. Brethren who were appointed to attend sister Associations, generally 
attended and reported satisfactorily. 

15. Brethren appointed to attend section meetings, all failed — except 
J. D. Chandler, who attended Deep Creek. 

16. Brethren appointed as a presbytery to attend Mount Zion Church, 
to enquire mto the call and qualifications of brethren Wilson, Davenport, 
and Drury Seat, to the ministry, reported that they attended and found them 
qualified, and set them, apart, to the work. 

17. The Committee of Finance received from the Churches, $21 35 
Balance on hand, - 12 77^ 
Ags:regate amount - $34 12J 

Deduct Clerk's services, - - - $10 00 > 
" Printing these Minutes, - 19 00 \ 

$2 9 00 29 00 
Balance on hand, - . - . i^J 

18. Agreed, That brethren S. I. Chandler, Wilson Deavenport, William 
Burns, and James Wilder, be appointed a presbvtery to attend at Big Med- 
dow's, Chatham county, N. Ca., on Saturday before the 2nd Sunday in 
April next, to enquire into the propriety of constitutint': them into a Church, 

19. Agreed, That brethren J. Wilder, Wm. Burns, R. Jones, H. M'Neal, 
and Wilson Davenport, be appointed to attend the Pig River Association ; 
R. Shreeves, J. D. Chandler, and H. Moore, to the Mayo ; J. D. Chand- 
ler, H. Moore, and S. H. Walker, to the Aboti's Creek Union : J. Wilder, 
D. Hall, and N. Norwood, to Little River; Wm. Burns, and R. Hensley, 
to Contentnea ; John Stadler and J. Wilder, to the Kehukee ; J. Wilder, 
and Wm. Burns, to White Oak ; Wm. Burns, W. Davenport, J. Wilder, D. 
Seat. Josiah Wamack, and Mastin Harris, to Staunton River Associaton. 

20. Agreed, That Elder Wm. Burns, S. I. Chandler, and W. Davenport, 
attend a section meeting at Lickfork Meeting House, Rockinj^ham county, 
to commence on Friday before the 1st Sunday in June, next ; also, S. "l. 
Chandler, J. Stadler, and R. Shreeves, attend a section meeting at County 
Line Me-tir.g House, Caswell County, to commence Friday belbre the 4th 
Sunday in May, next. 

21. Agreed, That we have 600 copies of these Minutes printed and dis- 
tributed, as usual. 


22. A;;'-ccd, Thit brother J. S. Brackin, be rcq['Jcste(I to prepare a Cir- 
cular Loiter lor our next AsiJocialio!i. 

23. A<;reed, That our next Associiilion be held with E'jenezar Church, 
P. C, N. C, to coai^rif-iice Saturday before th^ third Sunday in August, 
18;i3--and D. H ill req i-sted to preach the Introductory Ser.n^n ; and in 
case of failure, Wilson Davenport. 

. -Adjourned, to lime and place. Prayer bv Elder Stadicr. 

JOHN STABLER, Mjdnraior. 

S. I. CtlAXDLEIl, Cicfk. 


TO the several Churches composing tho County Line Jlssociaiion — and to all 
who Love our Lord Jesus Christ, in Truth and in Sincerity : 

Dear Brethren : As it has lono^ been our custom to address you at 
the close of our session, on some subject, we will at this time addiessyou, 
in a fhort way, on the subject of Brotherly Love. 

As Love is the ieaflin,^ peculiar subject of the Gospel, all God's spiritual 
Ci-)ildren are called 'Children of Love.' Love is a melting passion, sufficient 
to break the stony heart of a sinner, and thaw every icey feeling in the 
relentless huinan breast; love is more then piety, or gratitude, or mere friend- 
ship; love cannot exist without an object, and when fixed on its object, it 
first softens and then unites opposite parties. So all the Lord's people are 
one in Christ, through iove — and by relationship they are his brethern, his 
Kpouse, his children; and shall be one with him, as he and the Father are 
one ; for God is Love. From this source springs every religious affection ; 
from this divine principle the Church receives here the happiness of brother- 
ly love ; and shall hereafter enjoy more of that love, that is full and perfect 
as God is — when the love of the father, the love of the son, the love of the 
holy spirit, and the love of every saint, will unite in one eternal state of 
of delight and Oneness : because the Lord loves his people, and it is His will 
that they should always iove and enjoy him who is altogether lovely: He 
manifests His love to them, which is like a mighty ocean, drowns all their 
g ns, and buries all their imperfections. This being the mind of God, towards 
His cliildren, it is His special command that they should "love one another." 
This command is to both Preachers and Churches, joyous, when love freely 
operates — but sometimes becomes a tnsk, from the want of the love of God 
governing in us, and a due consideration about the duty, necessity, and com- 
forts of love. Furthermore, we believe that every christian, by the consti- 
tnted laws of his heavenly birth, is attracted to Christ and His Church, 
uhjch is his body, the fullness of him that filleth all in all; the new believer 
in Christ, receives the same principles and dispositions as those did who be- 
lieved before him ; tor, as face answers to face, in water, so does the heart 
of man to man ; and all feel a particular attachment unto the household of 
faith, and have a princijile implanted within, to iove and serve each olher^ 
»s children of the same family. 

1. THE Introductory Sermon was delivered by Eider William Burns, 
from xVcts, 7th ch. 34th v., I have seen," &c. 

2. The Association then convened, and after praise and prayer by Eld. 
S. I Chandelier, proceeded to business. 

.3. Letters from nineteen churches were received and read, and their 
standing minuted in the following 

T A B I. E I 

(The names of Ordained Preachers in sxall capitalg— Absentees marked thus *) 

jah Obriant, 


\ Nathaniel Torian, 
( Thomas Owens* 
C RosT. McKee, 
Upper South Hyco, < Nicholas Hester, 
( Hasten Blalack, 
i Major Green, 

< Arthur Brooks, 
( Asa Brooks, 
^ VVm. Vanhook, 

< Jesse P. Parker, 
( VVm. J. Robarts, 

Flat River, 

Story's Creek, 
Camp Creek, 

Mount Zion, 
Tar River, 
Mount Lebanon, 

( VVm. Burns, 

\ vv iLt'ON Da VENPORT 

( Drury 55 eat, 
<[ Daniel Dean, 
C Durham Hall, 
•? Simpson Latta, 
( Thomas Latta,' 
'! John Durham, 




1 50 
1 50 
1 50 
I 00 

1 00 

I 00 
1 00 
i 00 




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Again, this love is (he only cement, in the Church, thai will keep mem- 
bers united ; for, raen may exercise ail their skill, and talents, to keep 
Church iTiembers united, but ail in vain, if love be vvanUng. How necessary 
is it, then, that we should possess much of it to keep us well united ia 
Church fellowship. How plain it is that good gifls will not suffice without 
charity, the more excellent way, out of which no man will 50 free from sin ! 
It is evident that hsppiness amongst men only consists in brotherly love. 
The rule laid down lor us to be governed by, in our love to the brethern, ia 
this: " As I have loved you, so ought ye to love one another," (John 13, 
34.) It was con&tant too, for having loved his own that were in the world, 
•'He loved them unto the end," (John 13, L) But v.e will come to notice 
more particularly the way and manner in vt hich the children of God are to 
manifest this love to each other : They should coosider one aoothei; to pro- 
voke unto love, and to^ood works ; and not forsake the assembling of them<» 
selves together, as the manner of some is ; bni exharting one another ; ana 
so much the m.ore, as they see the day approaching, and watch over ono 
another — and endeavor to keep good discipline in the Church, and to mani- 
fest a particular regard for their ministering brethren — remesiibcring that it 
is the love of Christ that constrains them to leave their families to attend 
to their calls and requests. The Apostle Paul says, thsice ia o»e Chapter, 
" Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves; for they 
watch for your Souls, (mark that word,) as they that rrajst give account, 
that they may do it with joy and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for 
3'ou," (Hebrews 13, 17.) We fiod many solemn charges given to the min- 
isters who are spoken of under ditFerent epithets in the Scriptures, such a« 
'Bishops,' 'Elders,' 'Siev^ards,' 'Watchmen' &c. And now brethern will you 
consider for a moment how many tedious journeys they travel in order to 
manifest their love to God and to His people, and frequently meet with 
scoffs and frowns, instead of approving smiles. And is it not to be feared, 
that many of our brethern have got into a state of coolness^ and become 
indefierent about attending their Church meetings, and are too apt to let 
little trifling events keep them at home? Where this is too fieqoent the 
case, it is well calculated to throw the minister under temptations, and make 
h\m conclude, that his brethern consider his services of so little v. orth, that 
it is useless for them to quit their busioess, to go and bear him, for what 
benefit the}' might receive : after having beea called upon by them to leave 
his affairs and family ia the haad^ of Frovidencej sjid ride for miles, per- 
haps over rocks, and hills, to attend to their rcq'iesf, and to maoifiest his 
love to them: Brethern, these things ought not to be; oor mioistering breth- 
ren have business at home that requires their presence and attention as 
much as any one else ; aad, it is too apt lobe the case, if their business is not 
attended to, they are conrJed careless, and iodoleot, and slightly spoken of 
■ — and the circumstances m which they are placed hot little considered on, 
by many. We have bot few Ministers amongst us, comparatively speaking; 
and those few, (the most of them,) are persons of humble circumstances in 
life, and some of them often aMicted, and, perhaps, but seldom visited by 
the brethren, to see whether they stand in need of assistance, or the neces- 
saries, or comforts of iife — but left to weather it along as they can. Under 
circumstances like these, they feci cast down, and but little encoaragemont 
to try to preach. Brethren, we should endeavor to manliest our love in a 
better manner. Hear what John says — *' Beloved, let us not love in word 
and in tongue, but ia deed and in truth. ' That is, let us make our lova 


manifest by our works. Have another text — " Whoso hath Ihiy worlds 
good s and seelh his brother have needs, and shulteth up his bowels of com* 
passion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?" These ihingi 
arc acknowledged by all to be right; but the question is, are these things 
attended to? The cry may be by every one, " I can't spare time to attend 
to these things!" Brethren, will you call back and remember the time when 
you felt poor, and wretched, ruined, and lost, and would have given all you 
possessed, and every thing else besides, for an interest in a Saviour's blood, 
and concluded that your case was unalterable, but in a time unexpected, 
Jesus made himself known to you as one altogether lovely, the chiefest a- 
raong ten thousand ? Then, you vrould have gone any distance to hear 
of the goodness of God, and talk of his power ; but since that time you have 
perhaps forgotten, in a measure, that love which was inexpressible and full 
of glory, and let the world and its afFaiis get too much the uppermost seat 
in your minds, which makes us forgetful of our duty to God, and to each 
other. And now brethren, in conclusion, we would admonish you to think 
on these things : and when you feel cold and dull, and lifeless, in matters 
of religion, think of what you have felt in days that are past , and endeavor 
to try to live in the discharge of your duty ; and manifest your love to your 
brethren, by visiting them in affliction, and administering to their necessi- 
ties ; and by bearing with their weakness and infirmities, and by meeting 
with them in conference, to set in order the things that are wanting: And 
let your Ministering brethern know that you love and respect them, by at- 
tending their oppointments, and administering to their wants, and necessi- 
ties, and let not one wait for another, nor one be fearful of doing more than 
another — but endeavor to give them all the encouragement you can, and 
remove every encumberance, as much as possible ; so that they may have 
nothing to discourage them or embarrass their minds, and becloud their 
ideas — for, after all this is done, they have enough to encounter with. And 
let love be without dissimulation — abhor that which is evil — cleave to that 
which is good — -be kind — affectionate one to another in brotherly love — 
in honor, prefering one another — not slothful in business — but fervent in 
spirit, serving the Lord — and may the blessings of God rest upon us— may 
He keep us humble — and may brotherly love continue, is our sincere